Fact Check: Machine Monitoring Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Abby Baumann Aug 25, 2020
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3 Myths about OEE Tracking System Costs

If you think machine monitoring is out of the question for your factory due to the cost and the time it takes to implement a solution, think again. 

Many manufacturers shy away from considering a machine monitoring solution at their factories due to perceived OEE tracking system costs and the complexity of implementation. Given the many solutions out there that do require extensive resources, time and training, it’s easy to understand why they may be intimidated.

But did you know there are ways to break down these barriers and get the data you need from your factory, without incurring exorbitant OEE tracking systems costs? 

It’s true. That’s why we’re breaking down the top three myths about machine monitoring costs. Don’t assume a great solution is out of your reach! 

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Myth #1: Implementing a machine monitoring solution is expensive and takes hours of production time 

One of the biggest reasons for this widespread misconception is the assumption that all solutions require programmable logic controller (PLC) integration. This generally is expensive and time consuming, because:

  • In order to integrate the PLCs of multiple machines, you must hire an outside firm or IT consultant.
  • If you own older machines that don’t have PLCs, you must purchase new ones that do.

The good news? There are machine monitoring solutions out there that bypass the PLC altogether. That means there is no costly integration or need to upgrade your machines. 

For example, Amper’s solution is so simple, you can implement it yourself. Instead of using PLCs to get the data you need from your machines, our solution uses sensors that read the machine’s electrical current. You simply clip on the sensors. The whole deployment process takes less than 15 minutes per machine, greatly reducing implementation time as well as OEE tracking system costs. 

Myth #2: You Need to Update Old Machines to Deploy a Machine Monitoring Solution

You don’t! Simply put, Amper reads the electrical heartbeat of machines...and all machines use electricity. So, you don’t need a PLC or an updated machine to get the data you need. 

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Myth #3: Once you have the data, you don't know what to do with it.

Many engineers and plant managers know they need access to data, but then don’t know what to actually do with it. They assume they’d need to hire an outside consultant or designate someone in-house to constantly review the data. 

This is not the case with Amper. Every Amper customer works directly with a Customer Success Manager who regularly provides prescriptive advice on how to best use operational manufacturing data. That means it’s easy and affordable for you to analyze the data you need like a pro. 

In short, don’t assume machine monitoring costs are out of your budget—get the facts. For starters, Amper is the most affordable solution on the market, and most of our clients see a payback period of less than two months.

Watch this 1-minute video to understand how it works or request a demo to see Amper in action. 




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